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VS Code Extension

Thanks in advance for your testing and feedback!

Status: Functional.

  • Complete mission validation, with error highlighting
  • Some autocompletions
  • Information on hover (not all constructs)
  • Go-to-definition, even to lrauv application code when such space is available
  • Source reformatting


You will need the TethysL CLI installed on your system, in particular, with the tethysl program available on your $PATH environment variable. Please see the CLI section for instructions. The TethysL CLI includes a special subcommand that runs the TethysL LSP server, required by this extension.


In the future we may offer a more self-contained extension. At the moment, however, the idea is that the CLI will also be used on the target system for other various tasks, including use in makefiles for tethysl-to-xml translation as part of preparations prior to vehicle deployments, documentation generation, etc.

Using this extension

With the prerequisite in place (i.e., a functional tethysl program on your $PATH), just open a directory that contains your *.tethysl mission files in VSCode.

VSCode may automatically recognize the .tethysl file extension and offer you to install this extension from the VSCode marketplace. If not, you can use the Marketplace option and enter "tethysl" in the search field:

Pick the latest version available, review the entry, click "Install", and enjoy.

Here's a screencast demonstrating some features initially implemented.