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VARS and gridview

To use griddview with VARS:

# If you have SSH keys for bitbucket configured
git clone

# Alternatively you can check it out with no login credentials
git clone

cd gridview
git checkout vars_integration 

Then follow the instructions in the file for installing the correct python dependencies.



An API key is required so that gridview has permissions to modify data in M3/VARS. To configure the key:

  • Contact Brian Schlining ( for the API key.
  • open or create gridview/config/api_key.txt and paste the key into the file.

Database configuration

Gridview needs read-access to the annotations database. To configure the database:

  • Contact Brian Schlining ( for the server, password, username, and database parameters.
  • Edit gridview/config/sources.ini and enter the credentials. For example:
server =
user = foo
password = bar
database = M3_ANNOTATIONS

REST API configuration

Gridview will use REST APIs for modifying the bounding box and annotation data. To configure the anno endpoints:

  • Contact Brian Schlining ( for the rest endpoints
  • Edit gridview/config/sources.ini. For example:
; anno endpoints
anno_auth =
anno_associations =
anno_annotations =

In general, you do not need to modify the accounts or kb endpoints and can leave those "as-is".


Refer to the file on the python dependencies. Once those are installed, you can launch gridview using:

cd gridview

Image States


Above: Pending Verification


Above: The currently displayed localization has a blue border


Above: Selected localizations are green. Verifying, changing a label, or deleting are applied to all selected localizations!!


Localization that have been verified are yellow


WARNING: There is no undo button in gridview!! Please be cautious when making bulk changes, your changes are forever.

Select/Unselect Images:

  • Left-click on the image
  • Hold down Ctrl key and drag the mouse over images to be selected

Zoom in on selected image:

  • Move mouse over the image detail view
  • Scroll up to zoom in
  • Scroll down to zoom out
  • Press scroll wheel and drag to move around

Verifying the selected images:

  • Make sure that the label and parts textfields are empty
  • Click the "LABEL" button
  • This will add verifier: <username> to the bounding box information

Apply label to all selected images:

  • verify that you want to apply the label to all the localizations you have selected
  • Choose the label you want to apply from the Class Label dropdown
  • Click the "LABEL SELECTED" button
  • Labeled images with have new label applied and will be immediately updated in the VARS database.
  • If the "Hide Labeled" box is checked, the images will be removed from the grid

Delete localizations:

  • verify that you want to delete all the localizations you have selected
  • Click the "DELETE" button
  • Underlying localizations will be immediately deleted in VARS The selected images will be removed from the grid

Resize windows (grid view, full image view, and JSON view)

  • Mouse over the bar between the views and when the pointer changes to arrows left-click and drag to change size.
  • The app should remember the state when relaunched.

Resize a box

  • Left-click on one of the box handles (diamond shapes) and drag while holding the mouse button down