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Training a classification model with dogs and cats

This simple example will train for 2 epochs locally on a default data set of dogs and cats.

Setup a minimal python environment

git clone
cd kclassify && conda env create 
conda activate kclassify


A small collection of data is included in the repo. To train on this data, run the following command:

python src/ 

The training data and other artifacts that are generated during training in the following organization:

│   └── kclassify
│       └── data/ 
│                   └──train_stats.json (optional)
│                   └──catsdogstrain.tar.gz 
│                   └──catsdogsval.tar.gz
│       └── checkpoint/  
│                   └──0f110283-1d0d-41ed-a336-b997bfec0658/
│                   └──1c264240-62b4-4342-9f31-80b6a5d69b14/
│       └── model/  

Available options for hyperparameters can be found here