Colaboratory is also known as Colab. It is a Google Research product that allows one to write code in a web browser. Colab is free with limitations in compute and memory. Upgrading to Colab Pro/Pro+ allows for more compute and memory for a fee. Some, but not all of these notebooks may run in the Colab environment.

To use Colab

  1. Setup a gmail account if you don't already have one.
  2. Launch the notebook by clicking on one of the links below:
Notebook Description
PacificSound2kHz.ipynb Low-frequency data access and spectrogram calibration
PacificSound16kHz.ipynb Low-mid-frequency data access and spectrogram calibration
PacificSound256kHz.ipynb Raw recording data access and spectrogram calibration
PacificSoundListen.ipynb Listen to example recordings of dolphins and whales, then pick any time to listen and explore
PacificSound256kHzTo2kHzDecimate.ipynb Recommended to learn about how the raw 10-minute data is decimated from 256kHz to 2Khz
PacificSoundClassifyBlueA.ipynb Blue whale A call classification using a trained neural network model
PacificSoundBlueBCallIndex.ipynb Signal processing method for computing Blue whale B call call index
PacificSoundShippingNoiseAnalysis.ipynb Signal processing methods for studying temporal variations in shipping noise
PacificSoundDetectHumpbackSong.ipynb Humpback song detection using a trained neural network model

Important - there is a 24-hour runtime limit for Colab. This can be an issue for some applications such as training deep-learning models for sound detection and/or classification.