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Planning Introduction

ODSS Planning: What is it about?

  • A central goal of the Planning component in ODSS is to support the overall planning of science experiments/campaigns through an intuitive graphical interface where platforms can be assigned deployments and missions within a spatiotemporal frame.

  • Once a plan is defined (and iteratively refined during execution), it can be combined with other displayed elements within the Situational Awareness tab.

  • Conversely, for better context during planning, elements from Situation Awareness can be included in the Planning tab.

  • In general, the tool is intended to provide export/import capabilities to facilitate the exchange of plan specifications with external tools. In particular, the export options can be a basis for refinement and execution by platform teams. Additionally, refined plans can be imported so they are combined with other data elements in the ODSS.

Conceptual model


The central element to compose the timeline in the editor is the "token." A token represents a particular state, activity, or task to be associated with a particular platform on a particular time period.