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Monitor your jobs in the ECS cluster

Continuous monitoring

The monitor command can be used to continuously monitor and generate a report of a job status in an ECS cluster.

Each cluster is assigned a unique name, e.g. public33k. This name is used to identify the cluster in the AWS console, and is used here to identify the cluster with the --cluster option.

This is useful to monitor the progress of a job, e.g. how many videos are processing, how many are left, and how many have failed. This also generates a simple report of the job status by default every 30 minutes (1800 seconds). This is configurable using the --update-period option.

deepsea-ai monitor --cluster public33k " 

This will generate a report in the reports/ directory for each job, e.g. reports/DocRicketts_Dive_D1377_20230323.txt while continuously monitoring the job status.

cat reports/DocRicketts_Dive_D1377_20230323.txt
DeepSea-AI 1.20.0
Job: Dive1377, Total media: 8, Created at: 20230321T232058, Last update: 20230321T234534 
Index, Media, Last Updated, Status
0, D232_20110526T093251.130Z_alt_h264.mp4, 20230321T214929, QUEUED
1, D232_20110526T093251.130Z_h264.mp4, 20230321T214929, QUEUED
2, V4361_20211006T162656Z_h265_1min.mp4, 20230321T195956, SUCCESS
3, V4361_20211006T162656Z_h265_1sec.mp4, 20230321T213437, SUCCESS
4, V4361_20211006T163256Z_h265_1min.mp4, 20230321T195956, SUCCESS
5, V4361_20211006T163256Z_h265_1sec.mp4, 20230321T213437, SUCCESS
6, V4361_20211006T163856Z_h265_1min.mp4, 20230321T044540, SUCCESS
7, V4361_20211006T163856Z_h265_1sec.mp4, 20230321T213437, FAIL


Updates are printed to the console (and logs) every 30 minutes, and a report is generated in the reports/ directory. By default, this update is every 30 minutes, or when the job starts. To get more frequent updates, use the --update-period, e.g. to get updates every 2 minutes or 120 seconds, run

    deepsea-ai monitor --cluster public33k  --update-period 120


The reporting uses a lightweight approach storing the data in a local file called job_cache_{your aws acount#}.db. This file is used to store the job status and is updated every 30 minutes. Keep this file safe, as it is used to generate the reports.


The Elastic Cluster scales up and down based on the number of videos in the queue. The default is 6 videos.

Please ask if you need to increase the number of videos that can be processed in parallel.