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Configure the application

The deepsea-ai setup sets up the system defaults which is primarily all that is needed. However, the application settings can be configured within config/config.ini to override the defaults.

The settings below can be modified to support connecting with a database. This is useful for avoiding reprocessing videos that have already been processed.

site =
gql = %(site)s/graphql 

The settings below should be modified if you want to tag the workflow for cost tracking.

organization = mbari
project_number = 902005
stage = dev
application = detection

The settings below control what models are used for detection and tracking. These are the default models that are used when running the deepsea-ai process command.

sagemaker_arn = arn:aws:iam::548531997526:role/DeepSeaAI
yolov5_ecr = mbari/deepsea-yolov5:1.1.2
deepsort_ecr = mbari/deepsort-yolov5:1.3.5
strongsort_ecr = mbari/strongsort-yolov5:1.5.0
yolov5_model_s3 = s3://902005-public/models/yolov5x_mbay_benthic_model.tar.gz
deepsort_track_config_s3 = s3://902005-public/models/deep_sort_benthic.yaml
strongsort_track_config_s3 = s3://902005-public/models/strong_sort_benthic.yaml