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If you have just a few videos to process, or are experimenting, the process command is recommended. This creates a SageMaker Processing Job which uses the SageMaker ScriptProcessor.

Because this command uses SageMaker, so you may need to set your SageMaker IAM role. If you are running this in SageMaker Studio, you can skip setting the SAGEMAKER_ROLE because it is automatically set for you.

export SAGEMAKER_ROLE="arn:aws:iam::872338704006:role/902005-sagemaker-exec"

To run one or more videos in a directory with the job name "DocRickets dive 1423"

deepsea-ai process -j "DocRickets dive 1423" -i /Volumes/M3/mezzanine/DocRicketts/2022/02/1423/ 

or, to specify the tracker as either strongsort or deepsort

deepsea-ai process -j "DocRickets dive 1423" -i /Volumes/M3/mezzanine/DocRicketts/2022/02/1423/ --tracker strongsort 

To use a different pretrained model, use the model-s3 option e.g.

deepsea-ai process -j "DocRickets dive 1423" -i /Volumes/M3/mezzanine/DocRicketts/2022/02/1423/ --tracker strongsort --model-s3 s3://902005-public/models/yolov5x_mbay_benthic_model.tar.gz

Elastic Cluster Processing

If you have setup an Elastic Cluster Service to processing data in batch, you can use it with the ecsprocess option. This is the most cost effective way to process data in bulk.

To process videos in a directory with the job name "DocRickets dive 1423" in your cluster called benthic33k :

deepsea-ai ecsprocess -c benthic33k -j "DocRickets dive 1423" -i /Volumes/M3/mezzanine/DocRicketts/2022/02/1423/