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TethysL is a domain specific language (DSL) intended to significantly improve the authoring of LRAUV mission files in a more user-friendly and less error-prone fashion.

Along with the definition of the language itself, this effort also involves enabling editors and IDEs with capabilities typically found in integrated development environments, so errors can be detected and corrected promptly during the editing session. TethysL accomplishes this goal by implementing the Language Server Protocol, such that the parsing and validation capabilities can be served through a variety of development tools.


The TethysL effort focuses on offering a simplified language, a significantly enhanced authoring environment, as well as seamless integration within the overall LRAUV/TethysDash ecosystem.1 TethysL accomplishes integration by modeling the language after the traditional Tethys XML Schemas. In other words, both TethysL and XML syntax representations use the same underlying model in terms of mission elements, structure, and meaning.

  1. At least initially, the TethysL effort does not involve any significant modifications to existing backend models and mechanisms. One potential outcome, however, is the future revision of relevant elements in the LRAUV execution framework. See this section