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TethysL Language

TethysL integrates with the rest of LRAUV system by modeling the language according to the general structure determined by the Tethys XML Schema.

However, TethysL seeks to greatly simplify the definition of mission scripts, so they are easier to write, read, and reason about, while avoiding the verbosity of XML.

Both syntax and semantics aspects are involved in the development of a domain specific language like the one defined by the Tethys Schema. While TethysL's focus is mainly on syntax simplification, several semantic aspects are still to be considered for proper support of the new language and authoring environment, including validation of identifiers (references to missions, aggregates, and behaviors; check for duplicates), type check, and support for auto-completion. The core semantics model continues to rely on the underlying Tethys XML Schemas as well as on the execution model of the LRAUV framework itself.