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TethysL Editors


The key mechanism to enable advanced editing capabilities in multiple development tools is via the Language Server Protocol (LSP), which is implemented by the TethysL system.

VS Code

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) –a widely used IDE and available for multiple platforms–, is currently our primary target for editing TethysL scripts. You can install the TethysL VSCode extension from within VSCode itself. More details here.

Other Desktop Editors/Viewers

For basic TethysL syntax highlighting, we have also put together configuration files for vim, emacs, bat, and sublime. Along with the TethysL CLI, this has been intended to provide initial support for users while the LSP based strategy is put in place.

Let us know if you are interested in enabling any of these editors.

Web-based Editor

Initial TethysL development included a web-based editor, now deprecated.