Your Feedback is Needed!

We critically need input from users with experience authoring the traditional XML files. Besides the automatic XML validation included in the TethysL editor, please carry out a careful inspection of the generated XML content to verify semantic correctness and alignment with the structure of traditional XML mission files. Let us know right away if you notice anything incorrectly translated to XML.

Of course, other kinds of feedback include observations and suggestions regarding the syntax and the GUI.

You are most welcome to use the issue trackers indicated below, but feel free to get in touch in whatever way convenient.


Issue tracker:

Regarding the TethysL language and GUI, please provide the following as relevant/available:

  • TethysL source.
  • Generated XML.
  • In case of any wrong/confusing error message, your suggestion for a better explanation.
  • In case of invalid XML output, the expected output and an explanation.
  • TethysL version.

This documentation

Also welcome are your comments or suggestions regarding this documentation. The issue tracker is: