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TethysL Integration with LRAUV System


As of early 2021, the integration strategy is being revisited.

This page to be updated as the details are fleshed out.

What follows is the integration strategy reviewed and approved by the LRAUV team on 4/17/18.

The strategy for integration of TethysL with the rest of the LRAUV and TethysDash ecosystem is as follows:

  1. TethysL is able to commit .tethysl mission files and corresponding generated .xml files against Bitbucket.
  2. The target for the mission files will continue to be the official mbari/lrauv-mission repository.
  3. Along with the traditional XML files, mbari/lrauv-mission will also start to include TethysL source files.
  4. These TethysL files will eventually become the actual source of the mission scripts.
  5. The corresponding XML files will only be generated.
  6. The use of mbari/lrauv-mission for both XML and TethysL seems very convenient in general, at least during a phase of transition, e.g., it facilitates inspection of both language versions in a single space, that is, basically side-by-side.
  7. Regardless of where the TethysL sources are stored, continuing to use the mbari/lrauv-mission repository for the generated XML version of the missions will simply avoid the need for any changes in existing LRAUV/TethysDash mission script processing mechanisms.