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TethysL scripts (*.tl files) are fully supported. They can live alongside the traditional Tethys XML scripts (*.xml files) in the lrauv-mission repository. Dispatch from the Dash is completely similar for end users and operators. With corresponding adjustments on the LRAUV side, complete end-to-end use of TethysL is fully supported, and has been successfully exercised in multiple occasions during the last several months.

Our current efforts include increased use of TethysL, not only for any new mission scripts, but also for migrating more of the existing XML scripts.


The TethysL system has been significantly enhanced on various fronts, and support for TethysL mission dispatch via both the TethysDash system and the LRAUV is being completed.


Recent development focus has been on two main aspects:

  • A command-line interface (CLI), so the TethysL compiler (and translation to XML) can be incorporated in typical workflows involving the preparation and testing of mission files for vehicle preparations purposes. See CLI.

  • Implementing the Language Server Protocol for TethysL such that the language can be served through a variety of development tools (that is, more regular editors and some IDEs). This is being done while putting together a VSCode extension as our main initial client (see vscode). Other development tools (e.g., vim, emacs) to be addressed later on as needed.