Updated: 2019-03-06

  • As of v1.5.0, the TethysL Editor should be more generably usable, in particular, even by less-technical end users.
  • Functionality involving the generated XML (visualization and comparison with exisiting version) is still available but via buttons, not directly in the main interface.
  • Feedback continues to be greatly sought at all levels (language, GUI, etc.), from all users, and in particular from experienced users that can help with verification according to the Tethys XML schemas. See feedback.

  • Integration with rest of LRAUV/TethysDash system is via direct access to a given Bitbucket repository:

    • Users can authorize TethysL to access their Bitbucket repositories.
    • TethysL can directly commit new files and changes against the given remote repository and branch.

  • Overall git workflow:

    • Using TethysL Editor:
      • User specifies a fork of the mbari/lrauv-mission repository as workspace;
      • User creates new mission or modifies an existing mission;
      • User commits the new mission or changes against fork;
    • Using Bitbucket interface:
      • User submits pull request;
    • Admin reviews/approves/merges PR as appropriate.

  • Most validations in the TethysL compiler have been implemented.

  • Significant enhancements for autocompletion (CtrlSpace) have been implemented.

  • To facilitate the transition to TethysL according to our defined integration mechanism, a button in the Editor allows to start a TethysL script by translating an existing XML mission.

    NOTE: The automatic translation covers a good part of all the constructs according to the XML schemas but is incomplete. Please do not expect this feature to be completed; feel free to go ahead with any further editing of the TethysL version as needed.