Welcome to the documentation of the MBARI TethysDash System.

Please note: Several sections are still under construction.

The TethysDash System

The TethysDash System is comprised of the following components:

  • User/Admin Front-end: Application used for account creation/modification and login. Also provides related administrative functions.

  • Dash UI: The main monitoring and commanding user interface.

  • TethysDash Front-end: Legacy version of commanding user interface.

  • TethysDash Backend: The core service that supports all TethysDash-related operations for the various front-ends and client applications.

Along with the LRAUV vehicles, which act as clients to the TethysDash backend, the interaction between these components can be visualized as follows:

LRAUV vehicle configuration

The vehicle configuration includes settings indicating the access to the TethysDash backend:

Setting Explanation
dashIP Numeric IPv4 of TethysDash backend (n.n.n.n format)
dashSSL Use secure access?
dashPort Connection port (e.g., 443 for secure access)
dashPath Application context path, typically /TethysDash

See the LRAUV documentation for details.