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The TethysDash System

Welcome to the documentation of the MBARI TethysDash System.

The following components comprise the system:

  • Dash UI: The main monitoring and commanding user interface. It also provides related administrative functions.

  • TethysDash Backend: The core service supporting all TethysDash related operations for the various frontends and LRAUV vehicles.

  • TethysDash Frontend: Legacy version of commanding user interface.

Along with the LRAUV vehicles, which act as clients to the TethysDash backend, the interaction between these components can be visualized as follows:

LRAUV-TethysDash Communication

LRAUV-TethysDash communication is primarily based on SBDs1 using email, and also via HTTP when there is such direct connection available.

More concretely, TethysDash will explicitly issue commands and missions via email unless there's an ongoing direct HTTP communication with the vehicle, in which case the vehicle will make explicit HTTP requests for any queued commands or missions that need to be processed.


HTTP communication is initiated by the LRAUV.

LRAUV vehicle configuration

The vehicle configuration includes a file, secure.cfg, with settings indicating how to access TethysDash via HTTP:

Setting Explanation
dashIP Numeric IPv4 of TethysDash backend (n.n.n.n format)
dashSSL Use secure access?
dashPort Connection port (e.g., 443 for secure access)
dashPath Application context path, typically /TethysDash

See the LRAUV documentation for details.