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Waypoint visualization

Dash applies the following logic to eventually display the waypoints (as a sequence of lines connecting such points) associated to a running mission on the map:

  • The logic is triggered when the Started mission <ID> important event is received, where the <ID> is what is captured in the mission script as follows depending on the language:

    • For a TethysL script, the mission name is as indicated for the mission construct when given explicitly, e.g., it will be SomeId for:
      mission SomeId { ... }
      or otherwise inferred from the simple name of the script file.
    • For an XML script, the mission name is determined by the Id attribute;
  • Then, Dash will gather the waypoints from:

    • The arguments in the corresponding mission file that refer to "latitude" or "longitude" (see below).

    • All immediately preceding set commands in the event flow (with respect to the Started mission event) overriding any such arguments.

  • Extraction of latitude/longitude positions to collect the waypoints is ONLY based on:

    • Any defined arguments in the mission with the following names: Lat, Lon, Latitude, or Longitude, as well as those same names with a numeric suffix, e.g., Lat1, Longitude7.

      Dash will pair such names, e.g., Lat3 and Lon3, with the assumption that they define specific locations.

    • Any "set" commands in the event flow that look like the following (using Lat3 as an example):

      got command set <mission-name>.Lat3 <val> degree

For a displayed set of waypoints, clicking or tapping on any of the dashed lines will open a popup containing the following:

  • Last started mission event
  • Vehicle position at time of the started mission event
  • All collected (non-NaN) waypoints
  • Hovering the mouse on a line with coordinates will highlight the corresponding position on the map
  • A "center at" button to center the map at the given position

  • A button 'More details' to open one other popup with further details about the relevant mission events: