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Waypoints on the map

There is waypoint information in the ongoing mission but not being displayed. Why?

Waypoints in mission scripts are in general only defined for purposes of the internal logic of the mission itself, and not actually designed for easy ingestion outside of the LRAUV framework. (An aspect of this is that the two components of a waypoint, latitude and longitude, are captured separately, with no explicit connection between them.)

However, we have been adding support by considering some variations of the parameter naming to recognize latitude/longitude pairs. The logic and requirements are described in this page.

So, not all missions may be covered. Let us know about the particular mission and corresponding parameters that you think we could incorporate in this handling.

The waypoint trajectory was being displayed but then disappeared even with the mission still ongoing. Why?

Depending on the volume of events during the ongoing mission, it is possible that some or all of the relevant events related with waypoint information do not get loaded upon a regular refresh, thus preventing the display logic from proceeding. One solution is to open the Query section of the UI settings and increase the number of events to load per refresh. We hope to improve this handling in a future version.

Log tab

My browser's 'Find' feature seems of little use in the log table. Why?

The regular browser 'Find' is rather limited here mainly due to the underlying mechanism in the Dash to display the log table contents.(*) However, there's a string filter in the Dash itself, which, although not exactly behaving like a typical find or search, allows to quickly select only the lines containing the given string. Please let us know of any suggestions to improve the search and navigation capabilities.

(*) In short, this mechanism (which allows for efficient display and navigation even when dealing with tens of thousands of events) only actually puts a small section of the loaded events in the displayed table. So, the browser's Find feature will only "see" the currently displayed section at a given time.

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