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Optional settings

Optional settings

Asynchronous notifications

Along with notifications to users via email (see this section) about events happening in the system, TethysDash also supports direct asynchronous notifications to all connected Dash UI clients (via websockets), as well as via posting of Slack messages.

  • Websockets. This is by default supported by the TethysDash system itself. In general, the asynchronous notification feature is considered optional because the Dash UI will still perform a periodic "pull" of the information, and the user can also click the refresh button whenever needed.

  • Slack. TethysDash uses this API to post notifications to Slack. Create a Slack "webhook" and take note of corresponding URL. For the TethysDash configuration, you will indicate a default channel where a subset of the generated events will be posted. (Note that when sending "notes" through the Dash UI, users can also indicate additional channels as desired.)


TethysDash can use the ReCAPTCHA mechanism to reduce the risk of spam in user account creation. This is optional. Follow the Google documentation to register your TethysDash site. Take note of the privateKey and siteKey for your site.