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TethysL Support

As part of the TethysL effort, in March 2022 we started adjustments in the TethysDash system (both backend and frontend) to allow operators to select and schedule missions written in TethysL.


From the operator's point of view, the handling of both .tl and .xml missions —in terms of preparing and scheduling them, or inspecting their parameters, etc.— is completely similar.



  • As a significant milestone, the direct loading and execution of TethysL mission scripts by the LRAUV (via proper parser in C++) has started to be tested successfully in real operations. This is an internal change that does not affect the operator's experience. The mechanism that has been in place is that all TethysL scripts are compiled into equivalent XML (.tx) at time of vehicle preparation for deployment, with the XML being then loaded and executed by the vehicle. With a configuration flag that can be set as needed at any time during operations, we are keeping both mechanisms available, to allow for additional testing and a smooth transition.


  • Complete end-to-end TethysL mission exercises across various LRAUV deployments over the past few months have been satisfactory.
  • More mission scripts are planned to be converted to TethysL.


  • DashUI 4.9.6: Any available TethysL mission files are now also included when selecting a mission for scheduling.

  • Backend 4.8.7: The API has been expanded to describe TethysL mission scripts as needed for the corresponding Dash UI functionality, which is mainly in terms of providing details about all mission parameters (name, default value, units), including those of any inserted missions or aggregates.

  • Execution on the vehicle: The LRAUV software has been enhanced to support execution of missions originally written in TethysL.