Your account page is at This page shows your role information and also allows to configure your email notifications.

Changing your name

Click your name on your account page, do the changes and press Enter or click the Save icon:

Changing your password

Click the "Change password" button in your account page, enter your new password and click Save:


This section shows your currently assigned and requested roles:

If you want to make changes related with your request roles (add new ones or remove any), click the Edit icon, select and un-select the check boxes as needed, and click the Save icon:

Click the Undo icon to discard the changes and go back to the view mode.

Event notifications

In this section you can add or modify your email notification settings, as well as enable/disable them on a per-vehicle basis without having to modify the corresponding settings themselves.

Click "+Add line" to add a setting, which will refer to a particular event type and corresponding vehicles.

Text filter

This field is optional. If a string is entered, then the email notification will only be triggered if the text associated with the event contains the given string. The check performed here is case-insensitive.

Associated vehicles

Select the checkboxes for the desired vehicles to be associated with the new line. At least one vehicle should be selected.

Note that, initially, the notifications will be disabled for each vehicle. To enable or disable them on per-vehicle basis, check/un-check the corresponding vehicle column header.

The following shows an example of some settings:

The checkbox in each vehicle column header allows one to quickly disable/enable all notifications for the corresponding vehicle without having to remove, re-enter, or change the settings themselves at all.

Adding an email

If you want to associate some of the notifications to other email addresses (that you own or are authorized to manage), click the email header in the main notification settings section and select the "Add email" option:

Enter the desired email and a brief description:

Then enter the associated notifications as needed.