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Current Position Point Cloud

The "Current Position Points Cloud" handling allows to display a predetermined set of points along with the latest position of a given asset (from the tracking database, see Displaying Other Assets). Each of these points is defined in terms of bearing and distance from the asset position.

  • The point cloud definitions are manually done in the backend.

  • In the case described here, current position points are defined for the wave glider "Tiny," which is identified as wgTiny in the tracking database.

  • The Dash UI will display such point definitions on the map if you have the corresponding asset selected via the TrackDB dropdown.

  • Settings associated with this handling can be found in the section 'Frontend Settings -> Experimental -> Current position point cloud':

  • 'Reload' allows to refresh the definitions from the backend.

  • The 'Display on the map' toggle allows controlling whether to display the point clouds or not.

As shown in the screenshot at the top of this page, the tooltip for each of the associated points will include relevant details (bearing, distance to the asset, latitude, and longitude).