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PIC and On-Call

With input from the operators, PIC (Pilot in Command / watchstander) and On-Call information during ongoing deployments is maintained in the Dash system itself.


This handling is independent of and not intended to replace the watchbill.

  • During operations, this will formally show who are currently the PIC and the On-Call operators for the selected vehicles having an ongoing deployment.

  • As a PIC or On-Call operator, use the dropdown to select "Sign in" and then "Sign off" for the corresponding sub-role at the appropriate times.

  • Multiple operators can be PIC and On-Call for the same vehicle (this helps, for example, while transitioning from one proper PIC to the next).

  • In the vehicle log you will see that this information is maintained via 'Note' events with a simple format indicating the specific action and for which sub-role.