Recent FleetStatus changes

1.7.9 (2018-06-04)

  • fix superfluous line from the current position to the start point

1.7.8 (2018-03-30)

  • Vehicle trajectory on the map is now highlighted (with a thicker line) when hovering over it with the mouse. Similar handling also added for waypoint trajectory (sci2).
  • The marker used on the map to show location corresponding to row hovered with the mouse on the position table is now more prominent (with a red color).
  • Upgrades in underlying libraries for base layers (Esri, OSM) so no more mixed content (fleetstatus is now fully served with https)

1.7.8 (2018-03-28)

  • The latest GPS fix location is now also included in the summary table for each reported vehicle (#84).

  • Filter fields are now highlighted when not empty to clearly indicate that filtering is being applied (#43). This is enabled in the global filters in both the position and details tables as well as in each column header of the latter, where it looks like this:

  • Fixed: sound playing upon async event reception was not taking effect.

1.7.7 (2018-03-23)

  • New experimental feature: ability to display the latest positions of other assets on the map (#35)
    • Status: preliminary implementation -- Feedback welcome.
    • Please see the "XEvent" handling section.

  • Argos positions are now also shown on the map (#83).
    As part of this, there is a new setting to indicate the maximum number of most recent Argos positions to be displayed. See updated Options section.

1.7.6 (2018-03-20)

  • More precision for the E elapse time column in both the position table and the detail table. The new "rules" for the abbreviated elapsed time formatted string are:
      #s     when elapsed time <= 99 secs
      #m     when elapsed time <= 99 mins
      #h:#m  when elapsed time <= 24 hours
      #h     when elapsed time <= 72 hours
      #d:#h  when elapsed time <= 99 days
      #M     when elapsed time <= 24 months
      #y     rounded number of years otherwise

1.7.5 (2018-02-06)

  • Next to the selection of event types there's now a ? icon with link to corresponding description.
  • Use target links related with sbdlogs files instead of relying on special Apache "proxy passes".

1.7.4 (2017-09-19)

  • Internal: fixed dependency versions to better guarantee build reproducibility

1.7.3 (2017-06-05)

  • Water depth can now also be displayed for any position on the map. (Previously, the option was only available for actual vehicle positions.) Just shift-click on the desired position on the map and the info will be displayed in a popup. To close the popup, press Esc or click anywhere outside of the popup.
  • For sci2 waypoint display on the map, now the first waypoint is connected again with regular vehicle trajectory. More specifically, the first sci2 waypoint is connected to the latest gpsFix position at the time of corresponding "started mission" logImportant event.

1.7.2 (2017-05-25)

  • sci2 related information now retrieved independently of the regular time window parameters, and reflected in the interface with additional details (number of waypoints, 'started mission' along with corresponding 'run sci2' event) (#77).

1.7.1 (2017-05-24)

  • Internal code refactoring mainly related with summary elements reflected in both main UI and mobile version (#76)

1.7.0 (2017-05-18)

  • General UI layout reorganization (#75)
    • Summary section now always at the top of the page (not anymore under the "Summary" tab);
    • Additional details about latest deployment and mission per vehicle are visible via tooltips (similarly as with the latest event, which has been there for a good while already);
    • "Summary" tab renamed to "Map" (as it's now only about the latest positions and the map)
    • "Details" tab contents does not include the previous "latest mission" summary section (already visible in the top summary section);
    • A bit more prominent tab headings
    • Graphically, the main changes are summarized with this animation.

1.6.3 (2017-04-13)

  • show deployment summary information (#30)
  • fix #74 "event types selection is missing"

1.6.0 (2017-04-07)

  • new option Launch/Recover under the Operator dropdown menu to add and edit events of the new launch and recover types associated with latest deployment of selected vehicle, as well as to generate "dlist" files.

1.5.0 (2017-01-23)

  • internal: now using new API in TethysDash 2.0.0

1.4.6 (2016-12-13)

  • as now supported by backend, some FleetStatus config retrieved automatically

1.4.5 (2016-12-12)

  • usability improvement: smoother display of main vehicle table (under Details) so column widths remain fixed as event types are selected or column filters are used.
  • make "deploy" event a bit more prominent in vehicle table

1.4.4 (2016-12-03)

  • style adjustments in playback widget, including fix/re-enabling of date-pickers
  • facilitate visualization of simulations ("sim" vehicle) by setting the toDate parameter in queries to a future date
  • smaller circle markers on map

1.4.2 (2016-11-16)

  • style adjustments (send-note; color for aku, ahi, opah)
  • internal: more configuration adjustments

1.4.1 (2016-11-09)

  • internal changes (mainly related with easier configuration along with TethysDash)

1.4.0 (2016-11-08)

  • Now using Leaflet as the core library for the map.
  • Associated improvements include:
    • Loading of the FleetStatus page should now be significantly faster (as it's now about half the size of the previous version).
    • A measure tool (for distances and areas) has been included (#36)
    • Default base layer is now an ESRI Oceans map, displayed through an open-source plugin provided by ESRI itself, and with proper attribution as required by their Terms of Use. (The Google Satellite base layer is still available but as an option. Note: this may be removed in a future version depending on corresponding Terms of Use.)
  • Several internal adjustments

1.3.3 (2016-10-31)

  • fix #69 "repeated note sent if Send button clicked multiple times"
  • operators can now see list of logged in users currently online. (Hover your mouse on the number located to the left of the Help link. The number of browser sessions a user has is shown in parenthesis.)

1.3.2 (2016-09-26)

  • fix #70 "not displaying sci2 when the a waypoint is missing" (thanks Monique for reporting)

1.3.1 (2016-08-24)

  • Several internal changes including the update of various supporting libraries

1.2.4 (2016-08-06)

  • Help link now points to and version label now with link to

1.2.3 (2016-07-26)

  • Previously deployed v.1.2.2 had an interim flag set to true which allowed non-logged in user to see the Operator menu
  • (internal) remove google's NoApiKeys warning

1.2.2 (2016-05-25)

  • Implement #66 "show new logImportant 'waypoint reached' events": These are shown with the same regular vehicle position color, and a bit smaller radius. No line connections at all, just the points. The label on mouse hover is <vehicleName> RWP (reached waypoint).
  • Avoid redrawing of sci2 mission waypoints if no change has occurred.
  • Instead of simply "Depth", indicate "Water depth" in relevant labels to avoid possible confusion with "vehicle depth."
  • Water depth now shown as a positive value.

1.2.1 (2016-04-04)

  • fix #65 "empty deployments table"
  • add Refresh button to reload deployment information
  • other internal adjustments

1.2.0 (2016-03-16)

  • New playback feature.
  • New operator option to display table of deployments for all vehicles as indicated in the report options. Each row in the table includes an option to play back the corresponding deployment.

1.1.1 (2016-02-29)

  • adjustments for "binary" distribution and documentation purposes
  • Help link now pointing to and version label now with link to

1.1.0 (2016-02-22)

  • New user authentication-authorization mechanism
  • Email notification settings UI is now located in user's account page
  • "admin" role implies "operator" role

1.0.3 (2015-10-14)

  • fix #56 "Position not updating in mobile version"
  • better label display on mouse over multiple features
  • clarify help message in send-note dialog about the additional target Slack channels/users besides #lrauvs

1.0.2 (2015-10-06)

  • better organized and more compact summary table at the top
  • hovering the mouse over a position in the position table now shows:
    • distance wrt to previous position
    • corresponding speed
    • depth

1.0.1 (2015-09-30)

  • waypoint lines now with dots for better visualization (previously they were in some cases rendered almost as regular continuous lines)
  • fix: properly update the display upon changes in the platform selection in the Options tab
  • details about the sci2 mission are now shown in a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the waypoint line string on the map.

1.0.0 (2015-09-14)

  • Only a "Started mission.." event for a mission name different from "sci2" will remove any waypoint lines from the map
  • Summary table is now more compact so it takes less screen estate in general while preventing the map to unnecessarily change position or size as events are generated. On mouse over, a new popover will show the whole details of the event for the corresponding vehicle.

0.9.9 (2015-09-11)

  • any newer logImportant "Started mission.." event triggers the removal of any waypoint lines from the map for the corresponding vehicle.

0.9.8 (2015-09-09)

  • fixed user information display in the Admin panel
  • adjusted backend endpoint (per change in TethysDash 1.5.0)

0.9.7 (2015-08-28)

  • initial implementation for #13 "info about what/where the vehicle is doing/going":
    • latest 'run' event with command that looks like load Science/sci2.xml;...;sci2.Lat1 36.691 degree;set sci2.Lon1 -122.376 degree;... is now used to include a dashed line-string on the map connected to the last known actual vehicle position not older than the'run' event itself.
    • related info is shown above the map when the mouse is hovered over the waypoint line-string.
  • confirm with user before sending test notification email
  • better (hopefully) display of the command in 'run' and 'command' events
  • time travel parameter is now persisted across browser sessions (via cookie)

0.9.6 (2015-08-26)

To facilitate testing of new experimental features requiring authentication/authorization, the user can now enable this functionality by selecting a flag under the experimental sub-section of the Options panel.

  • When enabled, the user will see the login/logout button in the upper left corner
  • Auth providers at the moment: google, github, facebook
  • once signed in, the user can see his/her currently assigned roles and request new ones with just a click
  • A role request triggers an email, currently only sent to me, but later on to other "admins"
  • An admin can then review and eventually grant the requested role. FleetStatus can automatically send an email to the user about current role assignment.
  • Depending on assigned roles the UI will include:
    • an "Operator" dropdown menu with options: "send note" and "email notification settings"
    • an "Admin" dropdown menu, currently with an interface to manage the role assignment for all users that have signed in in FleetStatus
  • NOTE:
    • Changes to the email notification settings through the Operator menu do update the TethysDash database so they have effect there. You can already start using this interface for that purpose.
    • On the other hand, users and assigned roles are persisted in a completely separated database, not shared with TethysDash at all.

0.9.5 (2015-08-21)

  • add "getDepths" button in position table to retrieve depth at all positions with a single command

0.9.4 (2015-08-20)

  • Depth at vehicle position is now retrieved only upon clicking the latitude/longitude values in the position table (not anymore by clicking the icon on the map)
  • Hovering the mouse over the position table now also shows the coordinates in the section above the map (along with the depth if it has been already retrieved)
  • "3km" position added to the map (along with the prevously added C1, M1, and M2).
  • (other several internal preparations for user authentication and related operations)

0.9.1 (2015-08-02)

  • show stations (C1, M1, M2) on the map. They are shown with small white circles; hovering the mouse will show the name.
  • internal adjustment involving debug information in underlying library "for a significant performance boost." We will see how good this actually is.
  • experimental preparations for user authentication/authorization (not externally visible yet).

0.7.8 (2015-07-21)

  • mostly internal changes

0.7.7 (2015-05-22)

  • fixed #40 "change in latest event option causes mission info to be lost"
  • implement #33 "Trajectory lines/points should have a minimum opacity"
  • assign vehicles the same color as seen on ODSS
  • Mobile version:
    • fixed, improved, and simplified UI
    • fixed #38 "mobile: position info not updated upon async gpsFix"
    • fixed automatic elapsed time refresh for this position.

0.7.5 (2015-05-04)

  • "growl" notifications (pop-up messages on the upper-right) now also honor the vehicle selection in the report section (#31)
  • Mission information also shown in Details tab
  • Mission information directly retrieved from database if not available according to regular time window/limit parameters (#29)
  • for legibility, set monospace font for some pieces in command, run, and sbSend events
  • fix in logic dealing with update of loaded events

0.7.4 (2015-05-02)

  • Mission information separated from event status table in in summary tab (#25).
  • fixed issue #26 "Position table/map not automatically updated"
  • lat/lon info position now at upper right on the map (so it='s visible even if the window is small)
  • vehicle trajectory lines are now more prominent on the map

0.7.3 (2015-04-25)

  • map now with a minimum size; position table's height also adjusted according to map's height so they both have a similar height.
  • updates in tooltips to better reflect actual functionality