Asynchronous event reception

If Enable async event reception is selected, FleetStatus will handle events published by the TethysDash backend so the received events will immediately get reflected in the interface. Notification boxes will be displayed (and automatically closed) as the events are received. The header at the top of the application page will include information indicating the current async connection status, the number of received events, and an icon to toggle the sound playing option. The overall interface looks like so:

XEvent handling

If Enable "XEvent" handling is selected, FleetStatus will also immediately handle events notified from other ("external") sources.

  • Only for these asset names: Comma-separated list of (case-insensitive) asset/platform names to be displayed. The names entered here should be as used by the ODSS/tracking database. Leave this field empty for no restriction on the name.
  • Display growl notification: This option allows to disable the "growl" notifications for the received XEvents. ("growl" notifications are pop-up messages displayed on the upper-right of the page immediately upon reception.)

The overall interface looks like so:

Please note:

  • The displayed asset positions are those as reported asynchronously from external sources; FleetStatus just reacts to such externally generated events.
  • The current testing uses a script on shore that relays positions from the ODSS/tracking database. The specific list of assets handled by that script is manually set.
  • Please get in touch with any questions, suggestions, and to coordinate about specific assets you would like to see reflected as you play with this new feature.