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LRAUV Missions

This section describes the mission scripts available in the LRAUV system. The subsection structure here follows that of the file organization in the lrauv-mission repository.

Within this directory:

  • Default: This mission runs when no other mission is running. It will be interrupted if another mission is started, then will restart with the other mission completes.
  • Startup: This mission runs as part of the vehicle startup sequence. It is always the first mission to run, and cannot be interrupted before it runs to completion.
  • Demo/: These missions are typically generated during software development of new features and behaviors, and will be run in simulation or in the test tank, but typically not in the field.
  • Engineering/: missions are used to test or calibrate specific hardware, features or behaviors, and may be run in the test tank or in the field, but not typically not routinely.
  • Insert/: scripts typically contain an aggregate behaviour that is "inserted" into other missions via the Insert directive.
  • Maintenance/: missions are typically used to calibrate specific hardware or features or behaviors, and may be run in the test tank or in the field, and may be run routinely before or during a deployment.
  • RegressionTests/: are typically only run in simulation as part of nightly regression testing. Those with names starting with "test" are part of the test suite. Others may be included by test scripts. Test scripts may contain python code snippets that analyze the logs generated by the test scripts to comfirm they ran correctly.
  • Science/: missions form the core of Science-driven deployments.
  • Transport/: missions typically move the vehicle from Point A to Point B, or keep it submerged overnight in the same location.
  • underice/: missions are a collection of Engineering, Maintenance, Science, and Transport missions specific to work under ice.


Some general overview and guidance about the main missions and aggregates, typical mission structure, etc. would be helpful.