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DiveInterval = 3 hour

Elapsed time after most recent surfacing when vehicle will begin to ascend to the surface again. The timing is actually based on the variable Universal:time_fix instead of the variable Universal:platform_communications because the latter is not toggled until the message queue is clear. As a result, there are situations where the vehicle might dive for the first half of a yo, then return to the surface to continue communications, rendering the communications timeout useless. When adjusting this parameter, do not use "set", use assign in a mission, or set NeedComms:DiveInterval from the command line.


WaitForPitchUp = 10 minute

Extra time to wait for the vehicle to pitch up (avoid truncating a yo).


SurfacePitch = 20 degree

Pitch to maintain while ascending


SurfaceDepthRate = NaN meter_per_second

Depth rate to maintain while ascending. Set to NaN if using pitch


SurfaceSpeed = 1 meter_per_second

Standard speed during surfacing. Don't reduce this too much below 1 m/s -- the elevators can stall. (At 0.5 m/s, we have observed evidence of stall in the past.)


GPSTimeout = 7 minute

Maximum amount of time to spend trying to get each GPS fix.


CommsTimeout = 30 minute

Maximum amount of time to spend on the surface trying to communicate before giving up, getting another GPS fix, and diving again.


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